Every day, water treatment plants across the country work to remove contaminants from our water supply. However, a significant amount of treated water still leaks out of urban water systems every year. In fact, an estimated 32 billion cubic meters of treated water is lost each year due to leaks in pipes and other infrastructure. This not only wastes a precious resource, but it also puts a strain on treatment facilities. At ilonnati innovations, we are working to enable progress towards sustainability by facilitating water and energy security through digital transformation and Industry 4.0 technologies. Our well-integrated combination of IoT devices, an IoT platform suite, and configurable business services produces a seamless end-to-end IT choreography that supports intelligent operations and improved business process execution. This helps our clients achieve specific business objectives towards sustainable development. Together, we can help make our water systems more efficient and reduce the impact of leaks on our environment.

Our Vision

Enabling progress towards SDG 6 by facilitating more Resilient, Secure and Equitable Water Future.

Our Mission

Build a holistic single platform to save every drop of water to enable the UN goals to provide access to clean drinking water to everybody by 2050. Support the water industry to implement economical, monitored, measured, efficient water distribution system in a sustainable manner.

Our Values








Narendra Ahuja

Chairman & MD

RVR Krishna Chalam

Executive Director

Jyothula Raviteja

Technical Lead

Aparna Vema

Technical Lead

Prasad Raju A

Technical Lead

Mahender K CGO

Business Head

Ashok Katta

Business Lead

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