Most of the water used in the iron and steel industry is used for cooling, to protect equipment and to improve the working conditions of the employees. A smaller, but still considerable, amount of water is used as process water to concentrate iron ore, cleanse coke-oven gases, quench coke and slag, and descale steel. A small amount of water is used for boiler-feed water and for sanitary and service water. The quality of available water was found not to be a critical factor in choosing the location of steel plants, although changes in equipment and in operating procedures are necessary when poor-quality water is used. In operations such as rolling steel in which the water comes into contact with the steel being processed, better quality water is used. Treatment of water for use in the iron and steel industry was not widely practiced. Disinfection and treatment for scale and corrosion control were the most frequently used treatment methods. Both our IoT based quantity measurement and quality monitoring solutions are customized to suit the needs of the Iron & Steel sector.

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