The world population has exploded in recent decades, and more people mean more food. Food consumption patterns too have changed, leading to not only increased global crop production but also water usage. Water scarcity can negatively affect yields as much as water oversupply.

Our smart IoT based water management system for agriculture can improve crop fields providing farmers with the oversight they need to avoid water waste. Temperature, humidity, and soil moisture determine how much water crops need. Our solution seamlessly integrates with temperature, humidity and soil moisture sensors that are connected to the sprinkler irrigation systems for optimum water utilization. Our solution also enables farmers to use less fertilizer, save energy on pumping less water, and save time and money on labour.

Chemicals & Fertilizers

Production of fertiliser is a moderately water intensive process. In India, most of the fertiliser companies rely on ground water for its consumption. Also, wastewater generated at urea plants contains ammoniacal and Kjeldahl nitrogen, and cyanides in varying concentrations, which can lead to groundwater and surface water pollution, if not treated properly. Our comprehensive water measurement and monitoring solution help fertiliser plants reduce its water footprint and facilitate complaint with effluent discharge norms set by the MOEF&CC, particularly with respect to cyanide concentrations and total Kjeldahl nitrogen levels in underground water.

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